Purchase Orders Listing [MIGRATED]

MIGRATED TO http://wavelet.asia/customer-portal/2011/02/28/purchase-order-listing/

Purchase Order (PO) Listing allows users to view the POs raised according to date, branch and supplier. Also, users can check if the goods received are correct in type and quantity, which is quite similar to the function Incoming Stocks. You must approve a PO before confirming received goods by using this function.
  • Procurement > Query / Search > Purchase Orders Listing
  • Enter a Date Range of 'From' and 'To'.
  • Select a Branch.
  • Enter Supplier ID and click 'Show Supplier Name' or click 'Select' to search.
  • Select 'Approval Status' and 'Outstanding Quantity Status' from the drop-down lists.
  • Select 'Sort By' from options PO ID or PO Date.
  • Click 'Submit'.

  • Click PO PKID to view the PO.
  • Click 'Receive' to record and confirm that the goods were already received. You will be redirected to Create GRN by PO.
  • To approve the PO, tick the box and click 'Approve'. Note that the Approval Status would display 'Pending' before approval.