Purchase Non-Stock[MIGRATED]

  • Workshop > Jobsheet > Purchase Non-Stock
  • What is Non-Stock?
  • This function is used when user buy an item and sell it right away. User will not keep the item in the Inventory.
  • User can choose to 'Reprint PO', 'Reprint GRN', 'Print GRN With List Price' or 'Reprint SInv'.

  • Choose a Branch and click on 'Set Branch'.
  • Click on 'Select' to search for a supplier.

  • Search for the supplier by using corresponding keywords. Click on the 'Name' and it will automatically appear under the 'Suppliers Details'.

  • Enter the 'Supplier Invoice/DO' number and any remarks needed. Click 'Save Details'. This will turn the red 'Supplier Invoice/DO' wordings into black.

  • Search for supplier by using corresponding keywords. Enter a keyword and click 'Search'.
  • Click on the 'Name' and it will automatically appear in the 'Suppliers Details' field.

  • Click on 'Add Item' and a new window will pop-up.

  • Enter a keyword to begin search. The option to search for only non-stock items is selected by default and can be disable. The items that match the keyword will be listed down below.

  • If the item is not in the list, then select 'Non-stock' either below the search field or the top right of the item list, to create a new Non-stock item.

  • To create a Non-stock item, fill in the necessary information in the field by selecting from the drop-down list and the 'Item Code' and 'Item Name' will appear automatically according the information selected in 'Level 1- Level 5'. Click here to look on how to create an option for the level. Note: Not every level need to be selected and the Item Code and Name will change accordingly.

  • Fill in the description of the item, buying price, selling price, department code as well as the salesperson and technicians.

  • Click on 'Submit' and if the jobsheet does not match with the branch, a pop-up warning will inform the user of the error.

  • Click on 'Confirm and Save' to save the item into the list.

  • A new screen will appear to add stock details. If users are redirected to this screen from the 'Create Item Code by Categories', some of the information will be entered automatically.

  • If the item is selected from the search list, user would need to entered the information required and click on 'Submit'. If the Jobsheet field is not entered, user will not be able to add the item into the purchase non-stock list.

  • The Jobsheet field is important as after the purchase non-stock is created, the items will be populated into the respective Jobsheet by the system automatically.
  • After all the information has been checked and verified for accuracy, click 'Confirm and Close' to go back to the main screen.

  • In the main screen, the 'Purchase Non-Stock From Supplier' will look like the image below. The Non-stock created or added will appear in the list. Users can 'Edit' or 'Remove' the items added under the Action field.

  • To clear the information of 'Supplier Invoice/Do' and Non-stock listed on the form, click on 'Reset Form'.

  • After all information and Non-stock items are added, click 'Confirm and Save'. A pop-up message will confirm the details entered are correct. Click 'OK' to continue or 'Cancel' to go back to the form.

  • After the Purchase Non Stock From Supplier is created, user will be asked if he or she wants to print the GRN created. Click 'OK' to continue or 'Cancel' to exit.

  • User can confirm if the Non-stock items have been added into the Jobsheet by clicking on 'Edit' or 'Jobsheet Listing' to look-up the particular Jobsheet. The non-stock items should appear in the items list in the respective Jobsheet.