Proforma Invoice Listing (Procurement) [MIGRATED]

MIGRATED TO  http://wavelet.asia/customer-portal/2011/02/28/proforma-invoice-listing/
  • Procurement > Proforma Invoice > Proforma Invoice Listing
  • This function is used to view on all Proforma Invoice that has been created in the Sales Force module.
  • Select an option of Date Range and enter dates 'From' and 'To'. The Date Range can be:
    • Inquiry Date
    • Respond before
    • Delivery Date
  • Selection for a Salesman and Remarks / Reference No field are optional.
  • Click 'Submit'.
  • A table will be displayed.
  • There will be 3 selection for the Proforma Invoice (PI) Status:
    • PI_APPROVAL_PENDING - waiting for the customer respond on the Proforma Invoice
    • PI_APPROVED - customer agree with the Proforma Invoice
    • PI_REJECTED - customer disagree with the Proforma Invoice
  • The status of the Proforma Invoice can be changed here. Remember to click on 'Save PI Status' after making changes to the Proforma Invoice status.
  • There are a few Actions that can be done from the table:
    • Print - print Proforma Invoice
    • Create PO - only Proforma Invoice that has been approved can create a purchase order
  • Only one purchase order can be created from a Proforma Invoice. After a purchase order is created, the purchase order number will be listed in the PO Status field.
  • Users are encourage to create different proforma invoice for different products for the same customer. This is because the system only allows converting of one purchase order from each proforma invoice. If the proforma invoice contains two products from different suppliers, users will have to create two purchase order. Thus, users have to manually create the second purchase order and it will not be recorded in this proforma invoice listing. 
  • By having one product type in the proforma invoice, the inconvenience caused when converting purchase order from proforma invoice will not be an issue. The system will also be able to record each purchase order created form proforma invoice.

  • To create purchase order for a respective Proforma Invoice, click 'Create PO'. The system will direct user to the create purchase order page. 
  • The form below will appear. Select a supplier.

  • Click 'Add Item Proforma Invoice' to add items to the purchase order. Only items that is listed in the Proforma Invoice will appear on the list. This saves the user time to search for item in the item list.
  • The quantity and unit price of the items in the Proforma Invoice will be shown.

  • Click on the item to select it. A new screen will appear that requires the user to enter the quantity and price.
  • Click 'Submit' after entering the the quantity and price.
  • Click 'Confirm and Close'. The item will be added to the purchase order.

  • Click 'Confirm and Save' to create the purchase order.