Proforma Invoice Listing (Sales Force)[MIGRATED]

  • Sales Force > Proforma Invoice > Proforma Invoice Listing
  • This function is used to view on the Proforma Invoices that have been created.
  • Select an option of Date Range and enter dates 'From' and 'To'. The Date Range can be:
    • Inquiry Date
    • Respond before
    • Delivery Date
  • Selection for a Salesman and Remarks / Reference No field are optional.
  • Click 'Submit'.
  • A table will be displayed.
  • There will be 3 selection for the Proforma Invoice (PI) Status:
    • PI_APPROVAL_PENDING - waiting for the customer to respond on the Proforma Invoice
    • PI_APPROVED - customer agree with the Proforma Invoice
    • PI_REJECTED - customer disagree with the Proforma Invoice
  • Click on 'Save PI Status' after updated the Proforma Invoice status.
  • There are a few Actions that can be done from the table:
    • Edit - Edit Proforma Invoice
    • Print - print Proforma Invoice
    • Create Invoice - only Proforma Invoice that has been approved has this option
  • After the Proforma Invoice is approved by the customer, it cannot be edited anymore.
  • If the Invoice is already created, the 'Create Invoice' option will not be available under the Action field. 
  • PO Status records the purchase order number that has been created from the Proforma Invoice. This process is done in the Procurement Department at the Proforma Invoice Listing page.
  • INV Status records the invoice number that is created from the Proforma Invoice.

  • When user click 'Create Invoice' under the Action field, user will be directed to the Create Invoice page under Trading module.

  • When user click 'Add Item', only item in the Proforma Invoice are available on the list. Items that are not on the Proforma Invoice cannot be added.

  • Click 'Confirm and Save'.