Product Inquiry Processing[MIGRATED]

  • Sales Force > Sales Inquiry > Product Inquiry Processing
  • This function is used to keep track the progress of the processing of customers' inquiries.
  • Enter the range of date, then select a time, for example time_create, time_inquiry etc.
  • Select a Status, for example to_be_processed, customer_accepted, cannot_fulfil etc. You can select 'All' to view all the status.
  • Filter for salesman is provided to make it easier for each individual salesman to view on the inquiries of their customers and provide them with the quotation.
  • Click on 'Submit'.
  • The Status column shows the current state of the product inquiry. 
  • If the Procurement Department had already process an inquiry which has been quoted by supplier, the Stock Minimum Order, Stock Available and Quoted Price will be listed.