Release Notes (Migrated by Simon Liu)

What's new in the latest version

Version 2.1.19
1. Refresh Web Service (EMP 2.1/10722)
2. Fixed - Void Cash bill error.
3. Fixed - Receipt Cash show 0 amount.
4. Fixed - Receipt transaction queue not belong to Invoice when create cashsale
5. Fixed - Receipt drop down list show Summary Stock Sold Report file at printable of Configuration
6. Change defaut value of date from at Select Summary Stock Sold.
7. Add collection deposit at Daily Sales Report.
8. Add new column 'pos_id' into acc_receipt_index table.
9. Fixed - Sync button become disable when second click the button.
10. Fixed - Not able to edit item's discount become zero.
11. Add Apply Five Cent Concept at Standard of Configuration
12. Fixed - Void Sales not include deposit sales at Daily Sales Report.
13. Fixed - End Day Closing Item click - sql transaction error.

Version 2.1.18

1. Add database transaction at Create Jobsheet.
2. Add authenticate before allow to sync.

Version 2.1.17
1. Add database transaction at Create Cash Sale.

Version 2.1.16
1. Perform Display Pole after clear Item Code instead of before clear Item Code.
2. Add new 'Salesperson' Button - user can key in at Item Code fields then click salesperson button, the dorp down list of salesperson will be change.
3. Change 'Daily Sales Report' to 'End Day Closing' report name when user click End Day Closing Button.
4. Add new table 'app_table_counter' - speed up Saving POS Transaction.
5. Add Stock Summary Sold Report drop down list at printable of Configuration. 

Version 2.1.15
1. Change get data from transaction queue table one by one, instead of get all.

Version 2.1.14

1. Fixed - when void the transaction, the summary stock sold did not minus out the qty.
2. Synchronization - now support get branch.

Version 2.1.13
1. The FOC now support negative quantity.
2. Change delete button of Screen keyboard become negative button. 

Version 2.1.12
1. The start and end time of synchronize now was server time, instead of client time.

Version 2.1.11
1. Summary Stock Sold Report
2. Allow user type in salesperson code

Version 2.1.10
1. Fixed - End Day Closing -> Wrong End Time.
2. Fixed - Main Menu -> After Cancel User and Password, then cannot select others.
3. The format of date time now synchronize with system date time format.

Version 2.1.9
1. Fixed - The Cash Drawer cannot open (Epson printer).

Version 2.1.8
1. Add Printer Setup configure at Configuration.

Version 2.1.7
1. Pop up Cash Drawer before save transaction.

Version 2.1.6
1. Fixed - Wrong dated & amount for Cancel / Sales Return previous transaction.

Version 2.1.5
1. Add amount of POS End Day Closing into queue.

Version 2.1.4
1. Fixed - The Cash Drawer cannot open.

Version 2.1.3
1. System Configure can support Drawer Code setting.

Version 2.1.2
1. Fixed - The timeout of web services.

Version 2.1.1
1. Add Daily Sales Report drop down list at printable of Configuration.
2. The printable label of Configuration support resource bundle.