Periodic Stock Balance And Movement Summary[MIGRATED]

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Description / Usage / Benefits

This is a combination of many reports into one. Different fields are plucked from various reports and combined into. Even though it looks very complicated, this report is actually a complete stock movement of IN and OUT, together with the quantity. The balance quantity of item codes will be indeed, accurate.
  • Sales (+)
  • Sales Return (-)
  • Purchase (+)
  • Purchase Return (-)
  • COGS
  • GP
  • Transfer (+/-)
  • Stock Adjustment (+/-)
Step By Step Guide

1. Location - Select one or All location.
2. Enter Date Range - From and To.
3. Select Item Code - From and To.
4. Choose a category.
5. Click 'Generate Report Now'.

To Download the Example, click on the link below:
Periodic Stock Balance And Movement Summary

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