Payment Voucher Listing[MIGRATED]

  • Finance > Payment Voucher > Listing
  • Select filters by clicking the check box on the left:
    • Payment voucher numbers
    • Branch
    • Cashbook
    • Date Range
    • Cheque numbers
    • Payment to
  • Sort 'Order By' and click 'Submit'.

  • Click on the selections at the top-right corner of the table if needed.
  • The table appeared below shows:
    • Date PC Center
    • Payment Voucher / Cheque number
    • TT number
    • Payee
    • Remarks
    • Amount
    • Select Internal Status and click 'Submit'. The options here can be specified by the user. Please see Finance Module Configurations.
  • To offset the payment voucher with a credit memo, click 'Knock Off' under State. See also Knock Off Payment Voucher.