Payment Details with Supplier Invoice [MIGRATED]

MIGRATED TO http://wavelet.asia/customer-portal/2011/02/28/payment-details-with-supplier-invoice/

This function ties the supplier invoices with the associated payment details. Users can obtain information such as how, when and how much the invoice was paid using payment vouchers.
  • Supplier > Query / Reports > Payment Details with Supplier Invoice
  • Select a PC Center and click 'Set PC Center'.
  • Select a Cashbook and enter date range 'From' and 'To'.
  • Key in a Supplier ID and click 'Show Supplier Name' or click 'Select' to search for a supplier.
  • Click 'Generate Report Now'.

  • Examples: 
    • 1. PV100037 with an amount of RM 30,000 was paid for SINV1164. Only partial payment was made (RM 30,000 out of RM 100,000 invoice amount).
    • 2. PV100039 was used to pay for SINV1160 RM 500 and an advance amount was also paid, in excess of invoice amount (RM 2,090 - RM 500 = RM 1,590). Also, the dates the invoice was issued (10.12.2008) and payment voucher being issued (27.12.2008) will also be displayed in the table.
    • 5. PV100047 can also be used to pay for a credit memo (credit note) CM1153.
  • Click on the PV no. and SINV no. to view the documents.