Order Listing (Florist)[MIGRATED]

MIGRATED TOhttp://wavelet.asia/customer-portal/2011/05/21/order-listing-florist/
  • Florist > Order > Order Listing
  • This is the Order Listing that allow users to filter by Branch, Outstanding Amount of the Sales Order, Creation Date and orders that requires Production or Delivery.
  • Select a Branch from the drop down list.
  • Select the Outstanding Amount that you want to view on:
    • All - Sales Order with or without unsettled amount
    • Zero - Sales Order with no unsettled amount
    • Outstanding - Sales Order with unsettled amount
  • Select a Process status. There are 5 status that you can choose on:
    • All
    • Production and Delivery
    • Production Only
    • Delivery Only
    • No Processes Required
  • Click on 'Get Listing' to get the Order Listing.

  • Under the Action field, there are 2 options for the user:
    • Reorder - to add or remove items from the Order
    • Edit - this will direct the user to the Edit Order page