Order Item Summary Listing[MIGRATED]

MIGRATED TOhttp://wavelet.asia/customer-portal/2011/05/21/order-item-summary-listing/
  • Florist > Order > Order Item Summary Listing
  • This listing shows the quantity of each item that has been ordered by the customers. Users are able to know the preference of the customer and make changes to the products available.
  • Select a Branch and Date.
  • Pay Status refers to the payment of the customers:
    • All
    • Pending - payment has not been settled, order is not being processed
    • Invoice - payment has not been settled, order is being processed
    • Settled - customer has already paid
    • Bad-Debt - customer is black-listed
    • Free - sponsored for an event
    • Processed - recipient had received the order
    • Cancelled
    • Do-Not-Honour - usually refers to credit card problem, for example the credit card had already expired
    • Charged Back - refund to customer, for example when customer did not received the purchased item
  • Select Recipient Location Type, click 'Get Listing'.