Open Payment Voucher[MIGRATED]

Open Payment Voucher allows users to create payment vouchers anytime, even when an invoice is not received yet. This is done to record the actual outflow when a payment is made. Example situation - A supplier already delivers goods and the invoice is not generated yet but the user is required to make payment first. Open a payment voucher first, then tie it to the invoice when received in the future.
  • Finance > Payment Vouchers > Open
  • Select a Branch and Cashbook (where the payment was deducted from).
  • Click 'Select':
    • Supplier ID - If payment is made to supplier
    • Customer ID - If payment is made to customer (refund)
  • Or key in the supplier/customer ID then click 'Show Supplier/Customer Name'.
  • Pay To - The person who received the cheque / cash
  • Enter Cheque Number and click 'Verify Cheque Number' to ensure the cheque number is unique.
  • TT No - Telegraphic Transfer is transferring cash through wireless. Enter the reference number here.
  • Type in any Remarks if necessary.
  • Enter the date.
  • Select 'Checked By' and 'Approved By' names, preferably by different persons for audit purposes.
  • Currency (Paid in):
    • Ringgit Malaysia - Select Myr and leave the space beside empty.
    • US Dollar - Select USD and enter the exchange rate at that period of time. Ratio 1 USD: ?? RM. Then, click 'Show Foreign Currency'.
  • Enter the amount paid (in Myr or USD).
  • Click 'Save'. Or 'Reset'.

  • Click on the PKID to view the Payment Voucher. The amount in RM can be seen there.
  • To offset this Payment Voucher with an invoice or credit memo, please refer Knock Off Payment Voucher.
  • To edit this Payment Voucher, please see Edit Payment Voucher.