Official Receipt Listing [MIGRATED]

MIGRATED TO http://wavelet.asia/customer-portal/2011/02/28/official-receipt-listing/

This list displays all the receipts the user company received from customers or suppliers. Official Receipt Listing records for all kinds of receipts such as cash, credit card and cheque for invoices, credit memos and sales orders.
  • Customer > Query / Reports > Official Receipt Listing
  • Enter a keyword in the Fuzzy Search and click 'Submit'.
  • OR select Branches.
  • Enter Range Date and select:
    • Create time - The date any transaction was entered into EMP.
    • Txn time - The date the customer made payment (this date can be edited to back-date or post-date from current date).
  • Select a or All Users.
  • Choose a Status.
  • Then, click 'Generate Report Now'.

  • The report displays:
    • Receipt number
    • Reference document
    • Date
    • Payer name
    • Remarks
    • Paid in - Cash, credit card, cheque, post dated cheque, customer rebate voucher (CRV), others, total amount
    • User name
    • Other details
  • Click 'Print with Cashbook Details' and every cashbook involved every receipt and transaction will be available for users to select and view.