Official Receipt[MIGRATED]

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The "Official Receipt" document is used as a proof of collection for the customers. In Wavelet software, all money collected from the customers, regardless of whether it is a collection from previous outstanding invoices, or cash sales, or deposit (for future sales), an official receipt is created. In the finance module, for money collected from other sources (rental and other income), the Receipt Voucher created is also considered one of the type of Official Receipt.

There are various payment method accepted by a single official receipt, customers could pay by cash, cheque, card, voucher or other. Each of these payment methods are tied to a cashbook or cash account in the Wavelet software (configured at the branch settings or the card payment configuration inside the accounting module).

Should an official receipt be created wrongly, users could reverse the official receipt under finance module. All corresponding journal entries and knock off of the invoices will be reversed accordingly. Trails of reversing an official receipt will be seen in the Audit Trail, Cash Book transactions, Journal Transactions (i.e. General Ledger) etc.

You can manage your cheques and post dated cheques (PDC) in the finance module. By keeping track of the status of this cheques, and choose the bank or cash book that you want to bank in this money, you will be able to control your credit comprehensively. This is because inside the customer module, there are 2 reports, one is listing all the outstanding invoices that does not have any collection, the other outstanding invoice report that shows all invoices that are still outstanding, including those invoices that have been knocked off by PDC, but the PDC have not been processed, or bank in.

Wavelet also support a myriad o f credit card mode, each credit card mode could represent a bank, and its corresponding 0% installment scheme that comes with different bank charges. For more details, refer to Card Payment Configurations.