New / Edit Invoice Allocation Summary[MIGRATED]

MIGRATED TO:http://wavelet.asia/customer-portal/2011/05/26/new-edit-invoice-allocation-summary/

  • Florist > Collection > New / Edit Invoice Allocation Summary
  • There are 2 actions that can be done from here:
    • Select - select a created Invoice Allocation Summary(IAS) to edit
    • Create - create a new Invoice Allocation Summary
  • This function is used to arrange the payment collection usually for corporate customer. After issuing Invoice to customer, user will assign a dispatcher to collect the payment from customer.
  • Click 'Select', enter the filter details and click 'Submit'. A list of the created IAS will appear. Click on any of the IAS to edit it.

  • Click 'Create' to create a new IAS.
  • Select the Dispatch Date and Dispatch Person, click 'Save Changes'.
    • Dispatch Date - the date the dispatcher will be going to collect the payment
    • Dispatch Person - the person who is going to collect the payment
  • The Status of the IAS is generate by the system. If every Invoice is settled, the status of the IAS will change to Close automatically.
  • To add invoice to the IAS, type in the Invoice Number and click 'Add'.
  • The details of the payment that need to be collected will appear in the list below.

  • Users are able to update the payment remarks after collecting the payment. 
  • Customers usually pay with cheques. In order to keep track of the payment, after banking in the cheque, users are advise to enter the Bank-In Slip number and save it in the system for further reference.
  • User can remove a scheduled payment collection under the Action field.