Multiple Order Printing Invoice[MIGRATED]

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  • Florist > Printing > Multiple Order Printing Invoice
  • This is useful when user wants to print multiple Invoice at a time. 
  • This is for business that need not print Invoice at the moment a sales order is created, usually the Invoice is send to the customer by mail. The Invoices are only printed when the user wants to send it out.
  • Select a Payment Status, leave it blank to see all:
    • Pending - payment has not been settled, order is not being processed
    • Invoice - payment has not been settled, order is being processed
    • Settled - customer has already paid
    • Bad-Debt - customer is black-listed
    • Free - sponsored for an event
    • Processed - recipient had received the order
    • Cancelled
    • Do-Not-Honour - usually refers to credit card problem, for example the credit card had already expired
    • Charged Back - refund to customer, for example when customer did not received the purchased item
  • Enter the Delivery Date 'From' and 'To', click 'Submit'.
  • The orders that are created on the selected date will be listed below. There will be a check box in the last column of each order. Untick the check box if you do not want to print the Invoice for that particular order.
  • Click 'PrintAll'. The selected Invoices will be printed one by one.