Work Order Listing[MIGRATED]

Migrated to http://wavelet.asia/customer-portal/2011/03/01/mrp-workorder-listing/
  • MRP > Work Order > Listing
  • If users are searching for a specific work order, make use of the first entry to search by work order number, sales order number or BOM item code.
  • Specify the created date, start date or the due date of the work order.
  • Users can choose to view the work order of a specific branch or all locations.
  • The State and Priority entry are optional.
  • Order By refers to how the users want the list to be sorted. The list can be sort by Work Order Number, Location or Create Time.
  • Click 'Submit' to get the listing.

  • The list of Work Order with the details will appear at the bottom.
  • If the Work Order only has Production Quantity then the State is Created.
  • If the Work Order has the Quantity Requested or Quantity Issued, the State will be Pending.