Monitor Outstanding Invoice [MIGRATED]

MIGRATED TO  http://wavelet.asia/customer-portal/2011/02/28/monitor-outstanding-invoice/

This function helps users to monitor the outstanding supplier invoices not paid at that current period. This report enables users to find out what outstanding payables to be paid, with supporting information and at the same time, make timely payments to suppliers.

The advantages:
  1. Maintain a positive relationship with suppliers.
  2. Able to be granted better credit limit and period.
  3. Improve budgets to reduce variance with actual figures.
  • Supplier > Creditors > Monitor Outstanding Documents
  • Select a Branch and click ‘Search’ supplier.
  • In options, select ‘All Suppliers’ or ‘Show Accounts that Exceeded Credit Terms’.
  • Enter a Reference Date.
  • Select Sort according to ‘Name’ or ‘Account Code’.
  • Click ‘Generate Report Now!’
  • The grey area at the top shows the outstanding amount payable for a credit period. Eg. Amount owing to suppliers in outstanding period of 121 to 150 days is RM6,847,320.76.
  • The report displays:
    • Number and Branch
    • Supplier’s name and Document number. Click ‘Settle Document’ to Create Payment Voucher. Click Document number (eg. CM2149) to view it.
    • Yellow box   Credit limit (eg. RM1,000) and the date of which the transaction was entered into (invoice / credit memo date)
    • Blue box      Credit terms (eg. 30days) and the total days of how long since the transaction date. In the example, 103 days was displayed in red because it has exceeded the credit terms of only 30 days. It would be advisable to settle the payment as soon as possible.
    • Purple box   Document total = Paid + Outstanding (still owing supplier).
    • Orange box  Shows a negative amount (eg. –RM235) because it is credit memo to offset an invoice (eg. SINV 2543), probably due to goods return.
    • Eg. RM13,275 will be shown blinking because the figure has exceeded the credit limit of RM1,000.
    • Person in contact ‘PIC’ is the name of the user’s liaise representing the supplier. The name can be entered into Create Supplier Account or edited in Edit Supplier Account.
**Names and information have been changed and censored for privacy purposes.