Monitor Outstanding Documents[MIGRATED]

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Monitor outstanding documents consolidates all customer outstanding invoices from all branches into one report. This allows the user to improve their control in credit risk across multiple branches. By clicking 'Settle', the easy to drill down function provided, adds convenience to the users to knock off invoices.
Additionally, with the use of colour coding, for example; red means outstanding invoices have exceeded credit terms, while blinking numbers shows credit limit have been exceeded. Through this, users could be alerted easily to take prompt action on credit related measures.
  • Customer > Tasks > Monitor Outstanding Documents
  • Select a branch. Key in an account ID under 'Customer' or click on 'Search' and enter customer's name.
  • To create a new corporate or personal account select the appropriate link on the right in the pop-up screen.
  • Select from 'Options' and 'Sort'. Then click 'Generate Report Now'.

  • Click 'Settle' to settle the outstanding payment or 'Edit' to edit customer account.
  • Click Invoice/ Credit Memo number on the left side to view the invoice and credit memo respectively.
  • Also, click 'Contra' to advance to Credit Memo Contra, to obtain the credit memo details and contra certain amount for specific invoices.
  • The grey area at the top part shows the amount of money outstanding at the credit period. For example (refer to the red highlighted area at the top), there is RM 70 from customers which are outstanding from 61 to 90 days. Users can change the days to months and set the period range at Customer Module Configurations.

  • To set permissions for a specific user to view the Branch(es) using Monitor Outstanding Documents, please go to:- 
          System Admin > Role Permissions > Customer > Monitor Outstanding Documents
  • Select a user from the list, click the report, tick the Branch(es) and then, click 'Submit'.