Message Card & Order Checking & Printing[MIGRATED]

MIGRATED TOhttp://wavelet.asia/customer-portal/2011/03/18/message-card-order-checking-printing/
  • Florist > Processing > Message Card & Order Checking & Printing
  • This function allows users to print and check the message card, order form, delivery order and workshop order. The message card details can be edited here.
  • Select the Branch, Date and Filter, click 'Get List'.
  • The orders will be listed down together with its details. There are a few actions that can be done from this table.

  • Message Card can be checked and printed from here. 
    • After checking the message details, tick on the check box in the fifth column, click 'Checked' to confirm the details. The MC status in the forth column will be changed from 'N' to 'Y'.
    • To print, tick on the check box in the fifth column, click 'Print'. After the message card is printed, the quantity count of the message card in the twelveth column will be increased by one.
  • The details in the To, To Name, Msg, From and Frm Name columns can be edited here. All the information in these columns are to be printed on the message card. Remember to click 'Save' after changing these details.

  • The MC, PI, PR, OF, WO and DO columns refer to the quantity of the printed documents. Each time the document is printed, the quantity will be increased by one.
    • MC - Message Card
    • PI - Print Invoice
    • PR - Print Receipt
    • OF - Order Form
    • WO - Workshop Order
    • DO - Delivery Order
  • OC refers to Order Checking.
    • To print the order checking form, tick on the check box and click 'Print'. The order checking form contains the OF, WO and DO.
    • After checking, tick on the check box and click 'Checked' to confirm, the content of the OC column will change from 'Y' to 'N'.
  • The Invoice and Receipt can be printed through either the fuzzy search or the collection processing.