Membership Points Summary By Item Code[MIGRATED]

  • Customer Loyalty > Membership Points > Points Summary By Item Code
  • This function allows the users to view on the membership points that has been rewarded or redeemed by customer with respect to the item code. This is useful when the campaign launched is associated together with the suppliers. Users will need to acknowledge the supplier on the sales of their products.
  • Users will also know which item are more preferable by customers from this function.
  • Select a Branch from the drop down list.
  • Enter the Date range.
  • Enter an integer in the Top field to indicate at most how many item code will be listed. Select an option from the drop down list. There are a few options that can be selected:
    • Quantity - quantity of the item
    • Amount - refers to price of the item for points reward and cash top up for points redemption.
    • Points Awarded
    • Points Redeemed
  • Select whether the users want to filter by the rewards points or redemption points.
  • Refer to the figure below, if user enter 10 and select 'Quantity' for the Top field, the system will list at most 10 item codes only. If there are more than 10 items sold, the system will select 10 items with the highest quantity sold to be listed.
  • Click 'Submit' to get the list.