Membership Points Adjustment[MIGRATED]

  • Customer Loyalty > Membership Points > Adjustment
  • This function allows the user to do adjustment to the membership points of the customers manually.
  • Users can also view on the activities of a member card with this function.
  • Enter a member card number, click 'Submit'.
  • If users do not know the member card number, users can search for it by clicking on 'Membercard'.

  • A new screen will appear for the user to search for the member card number.
  • Enter a keyword and click 'Search'. The keyword can be the account name, card number, phone number, address etc.
  • Click on the card number to select. Do not click on the account name to select as it would not work.

  • Enter the branch, adjustment points, reason of adjustment and date. Click 'Submit'.
  • To increase the membership points, enter a positive value.
  • To deduct the membership points, enter a negative value.

  • The activities of the member card on the respective date will be listed.
  • Apart from that, the amount of points for opening balance and closing balance will also be shown.
  • Click 'Print' on the top left corner of the list to view the list in a printable layout.

  • The printable layout of the listing will appear as below.