Marquee [MIGRATED]

MIGRATED TO  http://wavelet.asia/customer-portal/2011/03/01/e-commerce-marquee-management/
  • E-Commerce > Content Management > Marquee
  • Marquee is a tag that contains a line of text that scroll across the web page.
  • Click on 'Add New Marquee' to insert a new marquee. A new screen will appear.

  • Enter the message that you want it to appear as the marquee tag.
  • Tick on Active check box to activate the marquee.
  • The URL is generated by the system by default.
  • Click on 'Submit' and the new marquee will be created.

  • The new added marquee will appear in the Marquee Management list.
  • The Active column show which marquee the user is currently using. Only one marquee can be activated at a time. If there is an old marquee activating when the user activates another marquee, the system will automatically deactivate the old marquee. 'True' means the marquee is activated, 'False' means the marquee is deactivated.
  • Under the Actions field, user can click 'Edit' to change the details of the marquee or 'Delete' to remove the marquee from the list.

  • Click here to look on the home page that is created using the E-Commerce module.