List Of Edited Printed Orders[MIGRATED]

MIGRATED TO http://wavelet.asia/customer-portal/2011/05/27/list-of-edited-printed-orders/

  • Florist > Printing > List Of Edited Printed Orders
  • This list shows the orders that need production or delivery and have been edited after being printed. The orders are considered printed if any of these documents are printed:
    • Invoice
    • Receipt
    • Order Form
    • Workshop Order
    • Delivery Order
  • There are 3 options that the user can choose from the Action field:
    • Print Panel - print Invoice, Receipt, Order Form, Workshop Order or Delivery Order
    • Q-Edit - redirect user to the Edit Order page
    • Order Status - to view the checklist of the order
  • Click on the order number to check on the order details and order history
  • There are 2 print options in the last column, users just need to tick on the check box in the last column of the respective order to print it
    • PrintForms - print the order form, workshop order and delivery order
    • PrintForms_OrdNo - print the order form, workshop order, delivery order and the order number in big font size

  • Print Panel allows the user to print Invoice, Receipt, Order Form, Workshop Order or Delivery Order.
  • Each time a document is printed, the Print Count will increase by one.

  • Order Status is used to check on the progress of an order. The order checklist, details of the florist and delivery trip are shown here.