Knock Off Payment Voucher[MIGRATED]

You can use this feature when:
  1. You want to tie an Open Payment Voucher previously created, with an invoice.
  2. Offset Credit Memo from suppliers.
  3. To make payment for goods received (GRN) but not yet invoiced.
  • Finance > Payment Vouchers >  Knock Off
  • Enter a Payment Voucher PKID. Click 'Submit'.
  • The details will appear.
  • As can be seen, Open Balance is USD 650. That amount can be used to offset the Supplier Credit Memo and Supplier Invoice.
  • Under payment, enter the amount to be paid for the selected documents. Then click 'Submit Settlement'.
  • OR click 'Auto Settle' and the first top documents will be knocked-off until the open balance USD 650 is fully offset.
  • Click on the credit memo number or GRN to view the documents.
  • Finally, click 'Save'.

  • Users may be confused when using this function because it may seem to be similar with some other function but very different in certain ways:

   Knock Off Payment Voucher
 Settle Documents/Deposit & Deposit Settlement
Strictly for customers making payment / deposit to you.
You (user company) are making payment to suppliers.
 Contra Supplier Credit Memo
Using a credit memo to contra an invoice (offset document on credit).
Payment already made previously, (in cash, cheque or credit card) is used to offset an invoice issued later.