JTxn Listing[MIGRATED]


  • From the left side navigation panel, click on 'JTxn Listing'.
  • Select the PC Center from the drop-down list.
  • Then select whether if the journal transactions has been posted or not posted.
  • Select the 'Batch ID' and provide a period from and to date.
  • Click on 'Get List' to begin search.

1.1: JTxn Listing

  • A list of the journal transactions that occur in the search period will appear
  • The date of when the transaction happened is on the left side, followed by the 'Journal Txn PKID' number, a brief description of the transaction and the amount of the transaction.
  • Users can edit the journal transactions as well. Please refer to 'Edit JTxn'.

1.2:List of journals transactions

  • When click on 'Printable Page', a new screen will pop-up and it will looks something like 1.3: Printable page below.

1.3: Printable Page