Internal Stock Transfer Details Listing[MIGRATED]

Migrated to http://wavelet.asia/customer-portal/2011/02/25/details-listing-2/
  • Trading > Internal Stock Transfer > Details Listing
  • This function is similar to the Internal Stock Transfer Listing, is just that this listing provides details of the items that are being transferred.
  • Select Branch From and Branch To.
    • Branch From - the branch that will transfer the items
    • Branch To - the branch that will receive the items
  • The Date is optional. If users want to filter the Stock Transfer by date, tick on the check box. There are 3 options for the date:
    • Date Draft - the date of the Draft Internal Stock Transfer is created
    • Date Sent - the date of the Stock Transfer is created
    • Date Received - the date of the Stock Transfer is received
  • State refers to the status of a Stock transfer.
    • All
    • Sent Out - Stock Transfer that has been created
    • Draft
    • Received
    • Cancelled
  • Click 'Generate Report Now' to get the list.
  • The list will show the From Branch, To Branch, State of the Stock Transfer, Date Sent, Date Received, Person In-Charge, Item Code, Item Name and Transfer Price of the Stock Transfer.
  • There is an Action column in the table where users can perform various actions:
    • If the Stock Transfer has been created, users can 'View', 'Receive' or 'Cancel' the Stock Transfer.
    • If it is a Draft Stock Transfer, users can 'View', 'Edit/Convert' or 'Cancel' the Draft.
    • If the Stock Transfer has been received, users can only 'View' the Stock Transfer.