Incoming Stocks[MIGRATED]

MIGRATED TOhttp://wavelet.asia/customer-portal/2011/05/06/incoming-stocks/

This function helps user monitor the incoming stocks into the warehouse to ensure that the stock type and quantity is correctly ordered and received. Users can keep track of incoming stock and successfully improve the re-ordering system and replenish inventory appropriately.
  • Procurement > Quick Links > Incoming Stocks
  • Enter a date range and code (item code) range. Please refer Search Inventory for the item codes.
  • Select a Branch.
  • Click 'Select' to search for supplier name. Then click 'Show Supplier Name' to display the name of supplier.
  • Finally, click 'Submit'.

  • A table will appear as below:
  • Click 'PO ID' to view the Purchase Order.
  • Click 'Receive' if you have received that particular stock. You will automatically be redirected to Create GRN by PO (remember to enter DO number and click 'Add Item from PO'). If a pop-up appears after clicking 'Receive' stating 'PO has not been approved', please see Purchase Orders Listing to approve it.
  • After creating the GRN, 'Quantity Received' will show the amount received. Quantity Ordered = Quantity Received + Quantity Outstanding
  • Finally, u may check stocks that have been received in full, then click 'Close'.
  • To save time, you may also click 'Select All' or 'Clear All'.