Importing Supplier Accounts(MIGRATED)

Upon adopting EMP for the first time, uploading the supplier accounts is essential to ensure that the supplier listing is filled before any purchasing transaction is done.

Please download the Excel (.xls) file attached below to enter your supplier information. Then, it is important to convert the .xls file to .csv format before uploading to EMP or it will not work. Note that the field name should not be include in the file.
  • Supplier > Maintenance > Upload Supplier List (from side bar)
  • Click 'Browse' to search the .csv file in your computer.
  • Finally, click 'Submit'. If an error has occurred in the uploaded file, an error message will be displayed at the top.

For Open Office users:

  • When saving the supplier file, select csv as file type.
  • Tick on the check box for' Edit filter settings' and click 'Save'.

  • In the Field options box, enter "|" as the Field delimiter, leave the Text delimiter field blank. Click 'OK'.

  • Users have to configure the file as shown, if not users might encounter errors while uploading the file to the system.

Troubleshooting and Finding the mistakes

  • Pay close attention to the LINE NUMBER (highlighted in yellow). It will help you to tackle problem faster.
  • Display whole supplier listing before you upload anything and see how many supplier account exists currently. This will help
  • Look at the fields in red in Upload Supplier List (Supplier ==>> Upload Supplier List). Those are compulsory fields.
  • Empty space SPACE BAR is also counted as a character

When you are uploading the supplier list if you get error message similar to followings:

Case 1:
Line 1: Supplier account code "WP-CE002" exists in database. It cannot be duplicate.

Double check the ACCOUNT CODE, this must have been entered before or exists in the database. Check it from Supplier =>>> Supplier Listing

Case 2:
Line 1: End of record not found in proper place

Usually this error occurs when the number of columns are more or fewer than expected. In above case, Line number 1 is having problem and look at line 1. Mostly, This occurs when Property 2 field is empty.
You could enter empty space for property 1, 2 fields. This should solve problem.

Case 3:
Line 3: Supplier username must be between 1 and 255 characters in length
Line 3: Supplier password must be between 5 and 20 characters in length. Couldn't be inserted.

              Look at the Line number 3 (could be any other line number depending on the situation) and make sure the username ( min 1 char ) and password ( min 5 char ) fields have value.
              Make sure whatever you entered is within the range (max and min char length).

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