Importing Item Code[MIGRATED]

Please note that the Excel template files are at the bottom of this page.

  • Inventory > Maintenance > Upload Item Code
  • For companies that are using Wavelet EMP for the first time, they can easily import their old item codes into the EMP with this function.
  • Users may refer to the Field ordering table below for the columns information.
  • You may download the Excel (.xls) template attached below. After keying in the details, remember to save/convert the .xls file into a .csv format before uploading into EMP. The EMP will not recognise the .xls file when uploaded.
  • Click on the 'Browse' button to look-up the .csv file in the computer.
  • Click 'Submit' and if there is any error in the item code listing uploaded, an error message will be displayed.

: Please remove the label from the excel file, then only create the csv. For example, we noticed that our reseller still keep (Code, Name, Category 1, Price and etc) labels in the first line. This kind of extra texts should be removed.

  1. Please only upload 1000 items at a time. This means that your .csv file should only contain 1000 rows at any time.
  2. Please check for duplicated Item Codes AND EAN codes.
  3. Item codes should not have the following characters, not including the commas: +, \, ', &,
  4. Please check for spaces in front and at the back of the ITEM CODES in the item codes column.

For Open Office users:

  • When saving the .csv file, tick on the check box for 'Edit filter settings'.

  • Enter "|" into the Field delimiter and leave the Text delimiter field blank.

  • Please make sure the above configuration is done to ensure that the .csv file can be uploaded to the system succesfully.
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