• GST Report[MIGRATED]Workshop > Jobsheet > GST Report
  • GST refers to Government Service Tax. This tax is applicable only to the labour charges, the items sold usually do not have this tax.
  • This report only record Jobsheet that has a tax amount. Jobsheet with no tax amount will not be recorded.
  • There are 2 things that users need to configure before this report is able to be generated:
    • Tax Option and Tax Rate in Inventory > Maintenance > Add Item / Edit Item
    • System Admin > EMP Configurations > Tax
  • User can either click on 'Select All' or individually select branch from the list.
  • User can clear all selection by clicking on 'Clear All'.
  • Select the Year and Month, then click on 'Get List'.
  • A list of invoice total, sales return total, nett total, invoice taxable items price total, sales return taxable items price total, nett taxable items price total, invoice tax total, sales return tax total and nett tax total amount for each day of the month will appear.
  • The amount recorded for each category is accumulated for the entire day. No details of each separate invoice is recorded.
  • The total amount of each category for the month will be showed at the last row of the list.

  • On the top left corner, click on 'Print' and the standard GST return form will be displayed, ready to be printed with the appropriate amount automatically entered in the respective column.