FullScreen Cashsale [MIGRATED]

MIGRATED TO  http://wavelet.asia/customer-portal/2011/02/24/full-screen-cashsale/

FullScreen Cashsale is very similar to the Cashsale except for the layout (covers the whole screen). Other than that, both functions allow users to enter cash, cheque, credit card payments for sales transactions to customers. FullScreen Cashsale is useful for cashiers because of the wide layout of the screen, as everything is presented on the same screen. This helps the cashier enter and extract information easily and quickly. Apart from that, shortcut buttons are also available for the convenience of the cashiers.

The Full Screen Cash Sale supports display pole and cash register for Point of Sales usage. Click here for more details.

  • Trading > Transaction > FullScreen Cashsale
  • ** Direction flow from left to right, top to bottom.
  • Select a Branch. Eg. Ultimate Store. Click 'Change'.
  • Enter a date or select from the calendar on the right side. Click 'Change'.
  • Select a Salesman and click 'Change'. 
  • The user's name will be displayed.
  • If the payment is meant for a Jobsheet Invoice, enter the PKID and click 'Jobsheet'. See Jobsheet Listing to obtain the JS no. or refer Creation of Jobsheet to create Jobsheet.
  • To reprint a previous cashsale made, enter a the cashsale number and click 'Reprint Cashsale'.
  • From the drop-down list, select a format for which you want the cashsale to be printed. Click 'Set Format'.
  • Users can click 'Home' and be redirected to home after the cashsale.


  • Click 'Account' to select the customer's name from the system. If it's a new customer, click 'New Corporate / Personal Account'. If the customer has a member card, click on the card number to select. If users click on the customer name instead of the member card, system will assume that the customer do not have a member card, thus he or she could not get or redeem the membership points.

  • An alternative way is by entering the member card no. (if any) and enter a name to 'Bill To' manually.
  • The balance membership points of the customer will be shown.
  • Click on 'Select Deposit Settlement' if the customer wants to use the deposit he/she paid earlier to offset the bill. Enter the amount under the Payment field of the respective receipt, click 'Submit'.
  • Notice that the amount will automatically appear under 'Paying' in Summary. Same goes for cash and credit card payments. To enter the deposit, please see Settle Documents / Deposit.

  • Payment methods is divided into (a combination of deposit, cash, cheque and credit card payments is permitted):
    • Cash - Just input the amount. Press Enter.
    • Credit card (Visa / Master)
      • Key in the amount and press Enter.
      • Swipe the card and the details (merchant, credit number number, name and expiry date will appear).
      • Enter the Approval Code.
    • Other (a new window will appear):
      • Cheque - Enter amount, cheque number and select cashbook.
      • Post-dated cheque - Input amount, cheque number and date the cheque can be cashed in.
      • Coupon - Amount
      • Other / Contra - Key in amount and select a cashbook to be deducted from.
      • Finally, click 'SUBMIT'.

  • This area is full automated.
    • The bill amount (in red) is obtained from the Item Search / Package. 
    • 'Paying' amount is the total of all the payment methods (deposit, cash, credit card and cheque). Eg. 150 + 90 + 50 + 280 = 570.
    • Change = Bill amount - Paying

  • Click 'Assign To Item' and the cursor transfers straight to 'Item Search' at the bottom.
  • Click Item (Search) to search for the item purchased by the customer in EMP. Shortcut: ALT-S
  • Select a Promotion if there  is one. There are 2 ways to set up a promotion:
    • Add Pricing Info in Edit Customer Account - the promotion only applies to the specific customer.
    • Seasonal Promotion in Inventory Module - applies to all customers that bought the respective items.
  • The tax configuration can be set up when adding the item so that the tax amount will appear every time the respective item is selected. Please refer to Add Items to learn the tax settings.
  • Click 'Submit'. Click 'Confirm and Close' to exit.

  • Same for Search 'Package'. Shortcut: ALT-P
  • Notice that if the list below has been updated. The Summary section will also changed accordingly. Eg. Bill Amount RM 540 and Change RM 30.
  • Ideally, you should click 'Assign To Item' first, then immediately search the item so that, you will know the Bill Amount before customer makes the payment.
  • Scan the table below, then click 'Edit' or 'Delete' if needed.
  • Click 'Save & Commit' or Shortcut: ALT-C
  • Enter any remarks or tracking number.
  • A printable receipt will immediately appear. Print and hand it to the customer.