File Manager [MIGRATED]

MIGRATED TO  http://wavelet.asia/customer-portal/2011/03/01/file-manager/ 

We also call this our Universal File System

Where is it?a

1. To access this File System, go to System Admin -> File Cabinet -> File System

How to upload a file?

1. You can either select an existing folder from the Target Folder drop-down list. Or, create a new folder, by clicking Create, and type in the folder name in the textbox that appears and click Submit.

2. Browse for the file that you want to upload from your computer.

3. If you wish to, you can type in the File Description. The idea of keying in the File Description is so that you will know exactly what this file is for, when you browse through  all the uploaded files.

4. Document Type is crucial if you are uploading jrxml files as printable. As the system will pull out the files as templates for each type of printable base on Document Type. For example, you are uploading a jrxml file as Invoice printable, then make sure you specify the Document Type as Invoice. This is so that, when you proceed to Edit Branch, you will be able to select this template as your default Invoice template.

5. Once you have specify the necessary details, please click Upload File.

6. Now, you will see that the file that you have just uploaded is appearing under the folder that you specify earlier in the Browse File section below.

What if I want to move the uploaded file to a different folder?

1. Simple, just tick the checkbox in front of the file in the Browse File section, then select the Folder from the Move to drop-down list.

What if I uploaded the wrong file?

1. No worries, just need to click the Delete at the end of each file in Browse File section.

What if I upload a file which is already in the system?

1. Whenever you upload a file, the system will check if the File Name already existing in the system. If exists, the system will check if the existing file's document type is the same as the one you are uploading. If both File Name and Document Type are the same, then the newly uploaded file will replace the old file.

How to rename the folder and what will happen to the files under the original folder after rename?

1. To rename, simple, just select the folder that you want to rename from the Target Folder drop-down list, click Rename, there will be a textbox appearing, just key in the new name into the textbox, click Submit.

2. No worries, the files under the folder will still be in the system, and there will appear under the folder with the new name.

How to delete a particular folder and what will happen to the files under the folder?

1. To delete, just select the folder that you want to delete from the Target Folder drop-down list, click Delete.

2. The files that was previously under the deleted folder will now appear under /Files

Currently, the uploaded files can be used as templates for various printables, but how do I do it?

1. The only supported file type for this purpose is jrxml, which is a Jasper Report.

2. On how to create a Jasper Report, please follow the instructions here Jaspersoft.

3. Once you have you jrxml file, you may follow the instructions above on "How to Upload a File". Make sure you select the correct Document Type.

4. Now, go to Developer -> Branch Listing -> Edit Branch, select the newly uploaded file as the default template for intended document.

5. With this, you are done, that simple. You can now Print the document using the template you just specified.