Export Member Card[MIGRATED]

  • Customer Loyalty > Member Card > Export Member Card
  • This function allows the user to print the member card listing and export the member card listing from EMP to spreadsheet file.
  • Enter the Date Range to filter the list. Tick on the check box to select the respective date to be filtered. Users can tick on either the Date Joined or Date Expired. Users can also select to filter for both of the date.
  • Click 'Submit' to get the list.

  • To print the member card listing from the EMP, click on 'Printable Page' on the top right corner of the list. 
  • The printable page will appear as below.

  • Click 'Export CVS' to export the member card listing to the Open Office Spreadsheet.
  • There will be a pop up dialog asking 'What should FireFox do with this file?'
  • Select open with 'OpenOffice.org Spreadsheet', click 'OK'.
  • The Open Office pop up box will appear as the figure below.
  • Under the Separator options, select separated by 'Tab'. Choose quotation marks (") for Text delimiter. Click 'OK'.

  • The list will appear as the following figure. User can select a suitable file format to save the document from here.