eProducts Listing [MIGRATED]

MIGRATED TO http://wavelet.asia/customer-portal/2011/03/01/e-products-listing/
  • E-Commerce > eStore Catalog > eProducts Main > Listing
  • This function is used to list or search for product that has been created.
  • Select an option to search for a product.
  • There are a few actions that the user can do from here:
    • Edit - the edit page is similar to the create new product page
    • Delete - remove the product
    • Options - refer to the selections available
    • Add-Ons - add-ons usually are side items that are high demanding

  • Click on 'Options' to add a new option or edit an existing option.
  • In order for the product to appear on the online catalog, it must at least have an option. Products with no options will not appear on the online catalog.
  • Click 'Item' to look for the Inventory Code. The code must first be created in Add Item before users can select it from here.

  • Make use of one of the search option available to look up for the item code in Inventory.
  • The Inventory Code that match the search criteria will be listed at the bottom.
  • Click on the respective item code to select it.

  • After selecting the item code, the required details will be automatically fill in by the system. Users are allowed to make changes to the details.
  • Tick on the Visible check box to allow the product to appear on the online catalog.
  • Remember to click 'Submit' to save.
  • The option added will appear on the options list.
  • Users can edit or remove the option under Action field.

  • The options will be available for selection when customers click on a specific product.
  • The options will appear on the web page as the example given below.

  • Add-Ons are additional product that the customers may want to purchase apart from the main product. Add-ons are usually posted so that customer can select a product without searching through the web page. The add-ons products are usually high demanding products.
  • Click 'Add-Ons' of the respective product to proceed to the Edit Add-On List.
  • Click 'Item' to search for an item code in Inventory. Read on Add Item to learn how to create an item code in Inventory. 
  • After the Inventory Code is entered, some of the information will be automatically filled by the system.
  • Enter a Display Code. Display Code is the product code that will be displayed on the web page.
  • Browse in the image folder to insert the image. Read on Images Manager to learn how to upload images to the image folder.
  • Enter the Discount Description and Discount Value if there is one. The Discount Value refers to the absolute value that will be deducted from the list price. For example, if the list price is RM12 and the discount value is 3. The item price will be 12-3=RM9.
  • Select the start date and end date for the discount. If the day the customer view the web page is not within the discount date range, then the list price will be shown for the add-on item.
  • Click 'Submit' to save.

  • The Add On Items will be displayed on the web page as below. For the product that has a discount, the list price and the discounted price will both be shown.