Editing Items(MIGRATED)


  • Inventory > Maintenance > Edit Item
  • Enter the Item Code and click 'submit'. If the item code is not known, click 'Select Item Code' to search for it.
  • A new search screen will appear.

  • Enter a keyword to begin the search.
  • Alternatively, click on 'List All' to bring u[ the entire list of items in the database. Note that if the item database is extensive, it will take a while for the list to appear.
  • Select the item by clicking on the respective item code.

  • Click on 'submit' and the available fields to edit will appear below.

  • The layout of the Edit Item page is similar to the Add Item page. Please refer to Add Item for the details.
  • Notice that at the bottom of the page, users are allowed to add 'Pseudo Items/Inside Package' and 'Supplier List'.

To add a Supplier to the Item Code

  • Users can add Supplier Item Code to a Item in Inventory. This is due to the Item Code in the Inventory maybe different from the Supplier Item Code, so when users create a Purchase Order, the Supplier Item Code will appear in the Description column of the printable Purchase Order.
  • Click on 'Add Supplier'. A screen to Add Supplier Item Link will appear.
  • Select a Supplier Id. Enter the Item Code and Item Name. Click 'Submit'.

  • The added Supplier will be listed as below.