Edit Sales Order[MIGRATED]

  • Distribution > Order Taking > Edit Sales Order
  • Enter the Sales Order PKID, then click on 'Get Sales Order'.

  • The details of the Sales Order will appear at the bottom.
  • Credit Limit is the limit of the amount the customer can owe.
  • Credit Terms is the period of time the customer has to settle the payment.
  • The Credit Limit and Credit Terms can be edited in the Customer > Maintenance > Edit Account.
  • If the customer has Outstanding Invoices or the Sales Order amount exceed the credit limit, the sales order will need to be approved by a higher authority user. Click here
    to learn more on Outstanding Invoices.
  • Once the approved under the approval status is ticked, the sales order will be approved. The red highlighted row will change to blue.
  • To change the sales order approval options, go to System Admin > EMP Configurations > Distribution.

  • Below the details of the Sales Order will be a list of item that have been included in the Sales Order.
  • The higher authority user need to tick on the Approval check box for the item in order to 'Create Invoice'.
  • You can view and make changes on the Order Details, Delivery Details and Payment Details of the Sales Order.

  • Click on 'Delivery Details' to change the Sender and Receiver details.
  • After making changes on the Delivery Details, click on 'Save Delivery Details'.

  • Click on 'Payment Details' to make changes on the payment.
  • After making changes on Payment Details, click on 'Recalculate'.

  • After you have done with all the changes, you can choose to 'Create Cashsale', 'Create Invoice' or 'Create Receipt'.
  • User can only create Invoice if the customer has not make a payment.
  • User can create Cashsale, Invoice and Receipt if the customer already settle the payment.