Edit Receipt Voucher[MIGRATED]

When a customer is settling an invoice, please remember to obtain the receipt number by clicking YES to the pop-up (request to print the receipt) after 'Confirm and Save'. The Receipt number then, will be needed to edit it in the future.
  • Finance > Receipt Voucher > Edit
  • Enter the Receipt PKID in the box, then click 'Submit'.
  • Click on the receipt number to view the details (associated invoices, salesman, authorized personnel, cheque number).
  • Enter any Remarks, then click 'Submit'.

  • Users have an option to reverse the settlement of invoice (after issuing Payment Voucher).
  • Eg. RM 22 was settled for INV1526. Invoice Amount deduct Outstanding Amount (RM 350 - RM 328 = RM 22). You can do the same for the second invoice.
  • Users can check the box on the right. Then, click 'Select Document to Un-settle'.

  • After unsettling the documents above, you may use the amount paid to settle the Outstanding Documents below.
  • Enter the amount you want to settle in the box, then click 'Submit Settlement'.
  • To find out how to make the initial settlement for an invoice, please refer Settle Documents / Deposit.