Edit Proforma Invoice[MIGRATED]

  • Sales Force > Proforma Invoice > Edit Proforma Invoice
  • This function is used when there is any changes that is to be made on the Proforma Invoice that is already created. This may happen when the customer wants to change the quantity of item on the Proforma Invoice or when the user select the wrong customer for the Proforma Invoice.
  • Only Proforma Invoice that has not been approved can be edited.
  • Enter a Proforma Invoice number and hit 'Enter'. The details of the Proforma Invoice will appear below. 

  • Click on 'Update Form' after editing the details. Refer to Create Proforma Invoice to learn on the details.
  • Click on 'Add item' or 'Add Inquiry' to add item to the Proforma Invoice.
  • Click 'Remove' under the Action field to delete the item from the Proforma Invoice.
  • To increase or reduce the quantity of a item, click 'Edit' under the Action field.
  • After done with all the changes, click 'Save To Database'.