Edit Customer AccountMIGRATED]

MIGRATED TO  http://wavelet.asia/customer-portal/2011/02/28/customer-edit-account/
  • Customer > Maintenance > Edit Account
  • Enter a Customer Account PKID and click 'Submit'. Alternatively, click 'Search'. You can also create 'New Corporate or Personal Account'.

  • The details will appear as below:
  • Make the appropriate changes.
  • Then click 'Save Changes'.

  • There are additional functions at the bottom of the page.
  • Click 'Add Contact Person' to fill in individual contact person details. One account can have more than one contact person.

  • Fill in the required details, then click 'Add'.

  • There will be a contact confirmation page. Click 'Close' to exit.

  • The contact person added will be listed as below. Users can edit the details of the contact under Action field.
  • Please refer to the Customer Loyalty Module for Create Member Card.

  • Click 'Add Vehicle' to enter information on the vehicle the customer owns. Key in the boxes and click 'Add'.

  • To configure the customer pricing, click on 'Add Pricing Info'. The pricing Info configured here only applies to the specific customer. If the promotion is applicable to all customer, users are advised to create a seasonal promotion based on items.

  • Enter a Code and Name for the Pricing Info.
  • Enter the Item Code, if there are more than one item, separate the item with '|'. For example: CU-01|CU-02.
  • Sales quantity - the pricing will only apply if customer buy between these 2 quantities.
    • From - the minimum quantity
    • To - the maximum quantity
  • Discount Options:
    • Percentage - a specific percentage off the selling price. If the item unit price is RM10, percentage=10%. Discount Amount=10*0.1=RM1. Selling price=10-1=RM9.
    • Amount - a specific amount off the selling price. If the item unit price is RM10, amount=3. Selling price=10-3=RM7.
    • Discounted price indicates a specific selling price. If the discounted price=8, selling price will also be RM8.
  • Enter the date range of the promotion. If the promotion is valid all the time, leave the date range as default.
  • Select the branches where the promotion is applicable to.
  • Click 'Submit' to create the promotion.
  • A pop up box shows 'Successfully created the promotion!' will appear. Click 'OK'.
  • It will still show the Pricing Info Setup page. Users can continue adding pricing info or click 'Close' to exit.

  • The pricing info added will be listed in Edit Customer page.
  • Users can edit or remove the pricing info under the Action field.
  • The pricing info entered are available for selection when creating cashsale, invoice, fullscreen cashsale and sales order.