Drop Down List[MIGRATED]

MIGRATED TO  http://wavelet.asia/customer-portal/2011/02/28/drop-down-list-2/
  • Distribution > Maintenance > Drop Down List
  • This function is use to input the options that can be select from the drop down list.
  • Select a Category from the drop down list, then enter the following information:
    • SortCode - the arrangement on the drop down list
    • Code
    • Content
    • Description
  • After filling in the information, click on 'Add Item'. The added item will appear in the list below.

  • To view the selection of a drop down list, select a Category and click on 'Get List'.
  • The selections of the drop down list will appear.

  • Under the Action field, click 'Edit' to change the item details.
  • After finish editing, click on 'Save Changes'.

  • To remove the item, click 'Delete' under the Action field.