Deposit Settlement[MIGRATED]

migrated to  http://wavelet.asia/customer-portal/2011/02/28/deposit-settlement/

 Deposit paid by the customer can be used to settle outstanding invoices or debit notes.
  • Customer > Tasks > Deposit settlement
  • Enter the open credit receipt number in the box (if known) and click 'Submit'.

  • If the number is not known, click the link 'Open Credit Receipt Number' on the left and select a receipt number. Then click 'Select'.

  • The list of outstanding documents to be settled will be shown. These documents could be invoices from other Branches but under the same Customer. However, please make sure that Role Permissions or Configure Permissions is done so that the specific role used has permission to view the invoices from other Branches.
  • Click 'Auto Settle' to settle the invoices from top to bottom until the amount is fulfilled or input the amount paid in the respective invoices under 'This Payment'. Click 'Submit Settlement'.
  • Finally, click 'Confirm and Save'.
  • To settle invoice for Customer B, paid by deposit from Customer A:
1st option
  • Customer A-
    • Dr  GL Code
    • Cr  Acc Receivable
  • Customer B-
    • Dr  Acc Receivable
    • Cr  GL Code
2nd option