Define Profit and Cost Center [MIGRATED]

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From the Software Developer Modules, select 'Define Profit And Cost Center' under the Organization Structure heading. From there. fields to add additional Profit And Cost ('PC') Center will appear as well as the list of existing PC Center that was previously created. Users may choose to 'Edit' or 'Deactivate' the PC Centers.
1.1: Defining PC Center

 Adding PC Center

  • Enter a PC Center code into the field. The code can be anything in order for users to easily identify which PC Center is being used.
  • Then enter the PC Center Name, description and fullname for the PC Center. These entries can be the same for all and need not be different from the others.
  • Users can set the currency that they prefer from the drop down list. Alternatively they can configure the currency here.
  • Then select the appropriate  'BizUnit' from the drop down list. Alternatively users may set-up business unit here.
  • Click 'Add' after everything is done.

Editing PC Center

1.2: Editing PC Center
  • From the list of existing PC Center (1.1 Defining PC Center), click on the 'Edit #' (# is the PKID for the PC Center) to edit the selected PC Center.
  • Here users can change the existing entries for the PC Center. The lay-out of the edit screen is the same for when users are adding a PC Center.
  • Click on 'Save Changes' once done to locked in the changes.