Daily Cashier Collection Report [MIGRATED]

Migrated to http://wavelet.asia/customer-portal/2011/02/25/daily-cashier-collection-report/

Referring to Cashier Collection, when cashiers calculate their Sales Collection for the day, this report proved itself of being very useful. Basically, it shows all :

Receipts - Payment Vouchers = Net Collection

Total Amount - Open Float = Bank In Cash

The real purpose is to calculate how much is the net amount suppose to remain in the cashier's drawer at the end of the day. However, invoices are not included because Invoices does not require immediate payment from customers. Hence, payment has not received yet and not shown in this report.
  • Trading > Report > Daily Cashier Collection Report
  • Select the Branch.
  • Date (for one day) and time :
    • Create Time - The date any transaction was entered into EMP.
    • Txn Time - The date the customer made payment (this date can be edited to back-date or post-date from current date).
  • Username - For the current Cashier, to view only his / her sales for that day (for easy calculation).
  • Click 'Submit'.


  • Lists all the Rct for the period (in this example : 1 day). Every mode of payment is shown here.
  • The total receipts appeared under Total Amount, eg. RM 1,250.
  • Note that the Txn Time was ticked, the Creation Time for Rct1271 should be 8.10.2009. The reason why Creation Date was also shown to avoid fraud or mishandling of cash. If the sales was done today but backdated to last year, supervisor can still trace by selecting Txn Time for 8.10.2009 in the filter above.

  • Under Other column, RM 75 is derived from Receipt (Inflow) - Payment (Outflow) :
    • 250 - 150 - 25 = 75.
  • Total Amount can be obtained :
    • Total Payment = 500 + 120 + 270 + 110 +75 = 1075
    • Total Receipt - PV = 1250 - 150 - 25 = 1075


  • At the end of the day, the balance remaining in the cashier's drawer should be RM 1,075.
  • Add up the cash, credit card receipts, cheques, voucher, etc. in the drawer and compare with RM 1,075.
  •  In some reports "REVERSED" may appears,which means this receipt has been reversed.
  • Payment vouchers with details, Finance>Payment Vouchers>Search