Create/Edit Debt Collection Pool[MIGRATED]

  • Distribution > Order Taking > Miscellaneous Listing > Create/Edit Debt Collection Pool
  • This function enables the users to manage the debt collection easily. Users are able to plan the payment collection ahead and send a dispatch person to collect on the scheduled time. Users are able to keep track each of the collection and update the IAS accordingly so that the unsuccessful collection can be rescheduled.

  • Click 'Select' to view on the Invoice Allocation Summary (IAS) that have been created.
  • Select a Filter options:
    • Create Time - the time the IAS is created
    • Scheduled Time - the dispatch time of the IAS
  • Enter the Date Range.
  • Select a State. The state of the IAS is generated by the system automatically. Users are not able to change the state of IAS.
    • All
    • Created
    • Scheduled
    • Pending - there is still collection that need to be collected in the IAS
    • Closed - all the collection in the IAS have been done
    • Cancel
  • Click 'Submit' to get the IAS list. 
  • Click on the respective IAS number to select.

  • Click 'Create' to create a new IAS.
  • The IAS number and created date will be generated by the system.
  • Select a Dispatch Date and Dispatch Person. The Dispatch Person drop down list is configure in the Create Driver page.
    • Dispatch Date - the scheduled collection time
    • Dispatch Person - the person in charge to collect the payment
  • Remember to click 'Save Changes' after setting all the details.
  • To scheduled a payment collection into an IAS, enter the sales order number at the top left corner of the list and click 'Add'.
  • The customer name, address and the amount will appear on the list.

  • Users can 'Print' a copy of the IAS for record purpose.