Create Trip (Florist)[MIGRATED]

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  • Florist > Delivery & Trips > Create Trip
  • This function enables user to create trip and arrange items to be delivered to customer.
  • To create a trip, fill in the following details. 
    • Collection Time - the time which the driver need to pick up the items that are to be delivered from the store
    • Remarks / Area - the area where the delivery trip is taking place
    • Trip Coordinator - the person who coordinates between the driver and the organizer
    • Trip Organizer - the person who make the trip arrangement
    • Trip Helper - the person who help the organizer to pack the items and carry the items to the vehicle for delivery
    • Trip Delivery Man - the driver of the trip. Click here to learn how to create delivery man
    • Q Controller - the person who do the item checking
    • Completed Trip Location (CTL) - the location of the packed items. After the orders have been arranged to a trip, the items will be packed in boxes and put back into the cold room.
    • Trip Completed
    • Trip Checkin Time - the time the driver arrive to pick up the items, just click on the small round dot and the current time will be entered by the system automatically
    • QC Status - Quality Control Status, there are 2 checking that need to be done:
      • Florist checking - check whether the item is in fine condition or the item done match the ordered item
      • Trip checking - check whether the delivery locations of the orders in the trip is within the same area
    • Vehicle Location - where is the vehicle parked. The Trip Helper will need to know the vehicle location in order to carry the items to the vehicle.
    • Trip Checkout Time - the time the driver leave to deliver the item, just click on the small round dot and the current time will be entered by the system automatically
  • Click 'Update Details'.
  • User will able to know whether a problem occur or not by checking on the Trip Checkin Time and Trip Checkout Time.

  • Fill in the order number to add an order to the  delivery trip.
  • Enter the expected receive date and time of the order.
  • Fill in the Transport Charges and click on 'Submit'. The order will be added to the delivery trip.

  • To remove an order from the delivery trip, click on 'Remove' under the Action field.

  • Click 'Confirm and Save'.