Create Supplier [MIGRATED]

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Supplier is an external or internal party that supplies relatively common, off the shelf, standard goods, raw materials or services. Supplier is also called a vendor.
In order to record GRNs, Direct Receiving Stock, Supplier Credit Memos, Accounts Payable Transactions or Payment Vouchers, you must first create a supplier account. This is to show that the supplier exists in the system. There is another way to enter the supplier information, which is through Importing Supplier Accounts, where you transfer supplier information from your previous accounting software.
  • Supplier > Maintenance > Create Supplier
  • * * Direction flow from left to right.
  • Enter the name and code (if available) of the Supplier.
  • Set the agreed credit terms and limit. Select a GL Code to represent the Supplier, this is however only applicable to Non-Trade Supplier and is use in Create Supplier Invoice. For Trade Supplier, you can just leave the GL Code field empty.
  • Type in a Description (optional) and select a type:
    • Normal
    • Internal
    • Others
    • None
  • Enter an identity number and homepage and emails.
  • Next, enter the supplier's telephone numbers and address.
  • Key in a contact person's details and other property areas (eg. Subang Jaya, Kuala Lumpur, etc.)
  • Finally, click 'Create New Supplier Now'.