Create Stock Requisition [MIGRATED]

Migrated to http://wavelet.asia/customer-portal/2011/02/25/create/

Stock requisition is created when the user from a branch wants to find out if another branch or headquarters has the particular stock in place. This situation arises when the user branch ran out of stock and needs a stock transfer from another branch. If the stock is not available, there will be a need to issue a Purchase Order (PO) to the supplier to acquire more goods.

A Stock Requisition can only be executed between 2 branches in the same Profit and Cost Center (PC Center).

  • Trading > Stock Requisition > Create
  • Select the branch 'from' (sender) and branch 'to' (recipient).
  • Enter any remarks if required.
  • Click 'Save Details'.
  • Click on 'Item Code' to search for the item to be transferred.

  • Input the quantity of stock needed and any remarks. The balance quantity of stock available in the sender's inventory will be blinking at the bottom. You cannot request for an amount exceeding that quantity.
  • Then click 'Submit'.

  • The items will appear in a table below. Click 'Edit' or 'Delete' to do so.
  • Click 'Save' to confirm or click 'Reset' to reset the details and Item Code.