Create Service Note[MIGRATED]

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Return Merchandise Authorisation (RMA) is basically, a process of where the stock (usually for repairs) passes through different parties from the
customer > branch > rma department > supplier (optional) > rma department > branch > customer
This function is fully customized for chain stores and franchises, with Service Notes, directly linked with the RMA to the suppliers. This module is highly recommended for electronics and electrical retailer. RMA (Branch) however, only creates the Service Repair Note, where they receive the stock for repair.
Definition of RMA Type:
  • Internal Stock - The stock is still in your custody or is not sold yet.
  • External Stock - Stock owned by customer and brought in by them.
To Create Service Note
  • Trading > RMA > RMA (Branch)
  • Select a Branch.
  • Select RMA-TYPE
  • Select Faulty Goods Pickup Type - How are you picking up the goods from customer? This option can be set by the users at Trading Configurations.
  • Enter the Technician names (up to 3 names).
  • If the Item was bought from your store, click 'Select Item' and enter the Quantity.
  • Enter in 'Problem', what problem is the customer facing with the item. This is the root for an analysis to be made regarding the faulty item.
  • Reference document - This can be an invoice number, Delivery Order or any other associated document number.
  • Enter (not compulsory):
    • Purchase Date - When the customer purchased the item.
    • Warranty Expiry - When the warranty has expired.
    • Third party Item Code:
      • Owner Item Code
      • Supplier Item Code - If the stock was purchased from the supplier.
    • Remarks
    • Serial Number - Click 'Search' and be redirected to Trace Stock where you can obtain the serial number of the item.
    • Malfunction Date
    • Receive from owner date
  • Click 'Submit Details'.
  • Click 'Create SRV Now!'
  • Click Edit Service Note to edit.