Create Receipt Voucher[MIGRATED]

Receipt Voucher is a voucher to record any receipts irrespective of cash or cheque from supplier (refund) and customers. A receipt voucher helps the accountant track all the receipts and details (amount, date, etc.) when preparing the accounts.
  • Finance > Receipt Voucher > Create
  • Firstly, select a Branch. Click 'Set'.
  • Select a cashbook and click 'Set'.
  • Enter details:
    • Receive From (payer)
    • Cheque No.
    • Remarks
    • Date
  • Click 'Set Details'.

  • Enter a GL Code or search by clicking 'GL Code' on the left. If the GL Code does not exist, please refer Adding Chart of Account.
  • Enter Remarks and Amount.
  • Multiple entries can be made here.
  • A List of Entries will appear below.
  • Click on 'Remove' to delete the transaction.
  • Lastly, click 'Save' at the top.